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May 14th]
Okay, this weekend has been AMAZINGGG:] Friday, I went out to the beach with Sarah Bearrr and we we're high and drunk as fuck, haha. I kinda sold Calvin out and I'm sorry but, I made up for it Saturday, lol. I came home at 5am. Um, Saturday was awesome as well. I hung out with Ey-lean:] and we watched Spiderman 3 at the Falls. I had fun. We laughed, and laughed, shed little tears, and laughed some more. When she left, Calvin gave me a ticket to watch Next til he got out of work. I didn't watch it. I slept through the whole movie, rofl. When he got out we ate burger king and then we went to his friend Johnathan's house and just chilled. I had fun even though I got hit in the head, lmbo XD We took pictures together but, I haven't uploaded it yet. Next entry, I will share, haha. Well, we chilled till 4 when he dropped me off:] hm, I had a lot of fun. Then, mothers day, I was with my mom and my brothers. We ate then went to Sawgrass and then left around 5. I called someone's Mom and she almost made me cry. I love that woman like she was a second Mom to me. Same with HER Mom. They had me in their house for a month so, I'm sure they have an unconditional love for me:] They're both amazing people. At like 8, I went to Ey-lean's house and we toked uppp:] ROFL, that was way too funny. We drew on my notebook the most randomest things you can think of. Lol, plotting deaths, lmfao. Oh boyyyyyy. I had a helluva good time this weekend. I fell asleep when I got home and woke up with 5 texts. Two of them from Ey-lean:] two from Cal and one from someone else who thought I was mad at them? Pfft, I'm fucking happy:] I have AMAZING friends. I have an AMAZING family.


February 7th]
I don't trust anything that walks this earth. I could careless about a lot of things anymore. A shocker came when Augusto and I stepped into his house. I'm sorta wondering what's gonna go down. I want to stop being shut out from everyone's life, but there are some people that I'd like to put out of my life. I stress it so much and I'd like to just stop it. If I bother you so much then, let's just stop being friends? I got the Brand New tickets and I want to burn them. I think it's going to be so fucking pointless to even go. I'm not going to sell them so, don't ask. I want to watch the paper burn. I feel like such a baby due to the fact that I was crying for about an hour. My eyes kinda hurt and I have a tiny migrane. My ears also bother me because I can barely hear from them. Also, during first period, I thought I saw my right eye melt away into different colors and I also felt like I had left the room but, when that all stopped, I found myself still sitting in my seat and my pen stopped moving. I'd like to leave the school because I really can't stand half of the people in downthere. The majority of them are fucking narrow-minded, ignorant, morons and I just want to go on a fucking killing spree and eliminate them. I'm gonna lay down before my head explodes.

Happy Birthday, Anabel.

December 17th]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i wasn't able to tell you about my day yesterday.
it was just too much fun.
it was big red's bday.
me and jeni didn't go to school.
we made big red a cake.
we went to dianes house to sing happy bdayyyyy.
mel, jeni,diane, alex, feli, manny, ramon, steven, chris, the other chris, and then ariel, and alfred came along.
and of course big red ;]
mel, jen, big red, alex, and manny jumped into big red's pool in our clothes.
taahaa. it was so fucking cold.
so we walked down sunset to mannys to take a shower.
me, jenny, and feli were suppose to stay over manny's house.
so the niight went on and then we went to mannys to stay over but his mom weny balistic and told him we couldn't stay over.
so we were pretty much stucckk. :[
but then jen called ryan and we ended up staying over shane's house.
and then we woke up and went to jen's grandmas and we got dressed to go to mels house.
and so we walkeddddddd.
oh how we walkedddddd.
and now me, jeni, mel, alex, stefan, and feli are going to the show at the roxy.
i'm quite excited.
but yesterday niight was just too good to be trueee.
i'll post up pics later from today.

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July 14th]
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